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Re: 10 Frightening Things That Happen at Conservative Christian Schools...
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, May 19 2012, 19:31:35 (UTC)
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I agree with you. I see white Americans as a paranoid, racist, bigoted and most ignorant population. Jesus and guns is their pride. That's only one of the biggest differences between Europeans and White Americans. Most Europeans are not a religious people and they are very open minded, outgoing, adventurers and travel the world. Sure, they have their prejudice types, and many are now being brainwashed with this war on Islam, which is called war on terror, but Europeans are still better than Americans.

Americans are just fucking weird to me and a very sick fucking people. America is bad for your health mind and everything else. Religion is what has these people so fucked up. They are fanatics for Jesus and yet they are most selfish people. I guess Jesus must have been a white racist with guns and love for capitalism and inequality and sharing and public funding.


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