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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, September 11 2013, 22:51:04 (UTC)
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During the 1990's I was extremely pro-Israel. I lived in a Jewish neighborhood, my barber was a survivor, my teachers were secular Jews who took me under their wing, my co-workers were Jews, and my classmates were also of the Jewish faith. The only major difference was that they were upper-middle-class, whereas I was from a struggling working class family. I had more in common with their grandparents who fled Russia and Eastern Europe due to the continuous pogroms perpetrated by the Eastern Orthodox Russian peasants who targeted the Jews as a scapegoat, since they were powerless to confront their true enemy: The Russian aristocracy. Tariq Ali pointed out that the White Russians and the Black One Hundreds considered the Bolshevik revolution as an attack on traditional Russian Christianity by Jews. They would reiterate that almost fifty per cent of the Central Committee were Jewish intellectuals. These Christian Russians were the same people under the Czar's umbrella who concocted and forged THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, one of Hitler's and Henry Ford's favorite books (Ford had his own hateful description of Jews in his INTERNATIONAL JEW which he gave to Hitler as a gift). According to Tariq, had the Whites and the One-Hundreds defeated the Bolsheviks, there would have been more than six-million Jews slaughtered. The sad thing about the '90s attacks on Israeli Jews by Palestinian groups who disagreed with the Oslo Accords was that their victims were poor Jews, working-class, Mizrahi Jews (those who's families had fled Iraq and other Arab nations) who were/are the one's taking public transportation. They were/are discriminated by their white, wealthy Ashkhenazi Jews mainly from Russia and Eastern Europe. Among the Mizrahi (which means Eastern) there are many who still speak Arabic and still reminisce about the old days living in Arab countries. They make up the majority of Jews in Israel, but newer generations try to prove themselves to their white superiors by overreacting when approached by Arabs to prove that they are "real" Jews. Sad. This is what I meant by White Supremacy and class.


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