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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, September 20 2013, 17:46:58 (UTC)
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...on the other hand, whenever I get pissed at the Israelis..I have to remind myself that they have been subjected to the worst, continuing, maltreatment of any people on earth...ever.

Perhaps other people suffered more at any one time...but no group has endured such lasting misery misery, deliberately and even joyously inflicted against them...and for such a ridiculous reason as "they killed Christ". Which, they didn't.

How must it feel, for a Jew, to know that people, and Christians at that, have tried you wipe you out since you were born and your parents were born all the way back 2000 years ago?

It would be like being hated by all your neighbors who are constantly plotting against you, your father and mother and any children and wife you may have in the future..and there is nowhere else to go, or you want to go....and periodically they HAVE attacked you...breaking down your front door, searching your house, dragging family members out to the yard to beat and murder and also stealing your possessions...this has to unbalance has to warp your thinking...and it has to make you hate and want revenge...when you add to that your fear of Christians, of exactly the kind of people who DO these sorts of things to you, but people whom you can't escape...well, it just about fries your head.

But's those rat-bastard Christians behind all this...Jews are behaving as ANYONE would who had been subjected to this sort of thing and who knows that Christians STILL feel this way and have managed to strip Jews of the one true friend they'd had...Muslims.


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