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Posted by Anonymous (Guest) - Sunday, October 4 2020, 2:34:53 (UTC)
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If you're of Assyrian or Chaldean descent and endorse Trump for president, you're a fucking cretin and any negative ramifications resulting in your support for him is well deserved and unworthy of sympathy. How quickly these brainlets forget about what happened with Jimmy AlDaoud, but in the same vein readily and emphatically highlight any and all indiscretions committed by Muslims and this is despite the fact that America's interventionism and imperialism were instrumental in creating the power vacuum necessary for groups such as that to arise in Iraq and Syria the first place, anything to opprtunistically propagate their plight to the west. Did you honestly believe that an exception would be granted to you simply because of your religious affiliation, irrespective of Trump's track record of con-artistry, xenophobia and racism? You idiots were beguiled by the Orange F├╝hrer, knowing full well what his stance on immigration is and now you're surprised that he's implemented his reactionary deportation policies against immigrants?

Your pathetic sniveling didn't save you, did it now? As if that isn't enough, you sycophants continue to clamor for more of this? Do humanity a favor and go skinny dipping in a volcano, you couldn't care less about other migrant communities seeking asylum and were content with relegating them to the fate Trump served them.


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