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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, August 28 2013, 15:22:53 (UTC)
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These delusional psychopaths are our Talibans. They'll bomb clinics which offer legal abortion, and murder doctors, staff and patients... what are they offered in the afterlife Christian paradise? A free pack of hot dogs? Sick fucks! They hate Jews but call themselves Christian Zionists whose mission is to expel, yes expel as Nazis did to Jews, to Israel/Palestine to speed up the End Times, this Armageddon they keep spewing out of their swine mouths. And only 144,000 Jews are allowed to accept Jesus as their "Lord and Savior". There are 15 million Jews world-wide, what about them? Guess they'll be stuck with the rest of us heathens in the burning hell of Christians dancing to Klezmer music. And these fucks accuse Muslims of valuing death over life? Ain't the so-called "End Times" not the ultimate human holocaust they worship and value? Hypocrites! And what boring sex lives they must have... their poor little sisters who have to endure their little pecker wood brothers sweating over them, while raping them and then asking a half-ass forgiveness from Jesus, before they fall asleep and hope to awaken to the sandwich little sis' Mary-Beth was ordered to make after she was vaginally assaulted. "Mary-Beth, you better done make me that bacon sandwich or you'd better hope to god I don't come in there and learn you a lesson, girl!" Fuckin' sister-fucking hicks!


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