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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, August 27 2013, 23:48:03 (UTC)
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This is such bullshit... I went to one of these twelve-step programs in my early twenties cause I heard you can make new connections and the girls are really are looking to partner up to cut their habit cost in half. I'm just being honest... it's true. But no, I'm a gentleman I made some connections (not dope or sex) with some women who'd been molested, raped, abused as young girls and took to drink, speed and dope. Fortunately, unlike 90% of the people there, I wasn't court-ordered, I just never been to one of these gatherings. Actually, I went to an Iranian Narcotics Anonymous (NA) but that was to meet a famous and favorite Iranian musician (Dariush) who was formerly a heroin addict. I don't like pop music, especially Iranian L.A bullshit, but Dariush is from the late '60s, early '70s when singers rendered beautiful songs written by poets ... Like the Rahbani brothers work with Fairouz... or Sooren's work with Vigen and other Iranian and Assyrian artists. And people played real instruments. They were trained professional musicians. They worked hard at their craft. I hate the sound of instruments today, digitally sampled (ripped off) where any asshole can call himself a musician. I spent 7 years and many late nights over chemicals in a dark room trying to improve my ability in developing and printing and shooting black & white photos using the sensitivity of light and shadow. Now any asshole with a phone calls himself a photographer. Anyway, this higher power let's hold hands and pray is such bullshit.... What the fucks up with these people.. I hate being approached by these people who want to hold hands and pray ... it's creepy... I'd rather get high and skip the 12 step.


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