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Re: Bani: My late, distant uncle who influenced my brother and me in cinema
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, August 25 2013, 17:52:59 (UTC)
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I wish I had known him.

Our community is indeed mediocre and proud of it...they always opt for the easiest possible path and make a great deal of it while shunning and hating those who could truly lend it dignity.

Reminds me of what we did to Hannibal Alkhas...a painter and artist much revered by Iranians....he was able to survive because Iranians bought his work and paid full price, without asking for a "discount"...but he too, like William Daniel, made the mistake of "loving" this community so much so that he tried to improve it...which can't be done.

Alkhas offered to teach young assyrians in Turlock painting and drawing and share all he knew....all he asked for is a place to teach and very basic art supplies. The elders of this idiot-nayshun said he could use a room in the Civic Bingo Club...but, he would have to clean the toilets.

I think the plan fell through...I have no doubt he would have agreed to this humiliation, if he thought it would be the LAST one...but, I think he knew that if people can behave in this manner, they must enjoy the sense of "power" it gave them and that it wouldn't be long before they'd need another fix...and another and another.

At least Iranians bought his works and treated him with great respect so he didn't have to die on hand-outs...


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