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Re: Bani: My late, distant uncle who influenced my brother and me in cinema
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, August 24 2013, 13:40:26 (UTC)
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"In the days before Ayatollah Khomeini's February, 1979, takeover, "Tehran was like a festival. But within a month, the executions began." Babilla fled Iran seven months later, arriving in the United States in November."

-- True. I was there - as an 8-year-old and remember the exuberant collective celebration in the streets peopled with socialists, communists, religionists, Western-style women without hijab, arm in arm with the wearers of of the chador. This was truly a popular revolution -- until the religious fascists hi-jacked the revolt and with the help of lists (provided by the CIA), they began a reign of terror against the atheists, communists, anarchists... liquidating most of the non-religionists to further the "revolution".


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