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Re: Christians living in fear.......good!!!
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, August 18 2013, 20:39:28 (UTC)
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The way I see the Egypt situation is like this: religious fascists are fighting secular fascists and the Gas Station nations of the Persian Gulf are racking in the cash along with their Western banker friends and arms dealers, while regular Egyptians are caught in this shit storm. I guess after Syria the businessmen and merchants of death have found a new template to impose on other nations in the region (like Lebanon, Iran, Iraq - again-) to expand their reach into their markets and reap profits from endless war and bloodshed. The immigrant gangsters like Charlie "Lucky" and Meyer Lansky used to say war is bad for business. Not these rational, refined, upper-crust psychopaths. Their education and training has taught them that their is always money to made from disasters -- those that erupt naturally, and those that they create and orchestrate.


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