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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, May 23 2012, 20:50:31 (UTC)
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I also enjoy his artistic talent/technique, and I do like his works from the late 20's and early 30's (basically until 1934), but it's like a girl I knew who always complained about how her boyfriend steals from her, beats her, cheats on her, berates her in front of others... "but he's good in bed, so I stay with him". So from that I speculate that getting a good fuck beats getting a beating, getting berated, used and cheated on. I have a difficult time with artists, musicians, actors, directors, writers, etc. who's work are brilliant, but their political views I find abhorant.

In the early 80's (1983) Fancis Coppola released the film Rumble Fish, with Matt Dillon, Dennis Hopper and a fairly new actor named Mickey Rourke. I thought, at the time, that he was his generation's Brando. He was in a few good roles, one of them being The Pope of Greenwich Village. Like Brando, he had a "fuck you" attitude toward Hollywood and its producers. But unlike Brando, and the reason why I don't give two shits about Rourke anymore and boycott his films, is that he's a hardcore right-winger, a Republican who supported the illegal wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some folks don't like me because I smoke weed and my political views are different than those whose views are spoonfed to them by the corporate-media-mafia.

I think you're a great artist, but if you started talking about how the war of aggression on Iraq was a good "opportunity for us", I'd rent a car, drive down to San Francisco, go to the Civic Center and piss on your monument in protest. But since you're not that type of person/artist, I instead always honor your ed by a Turk and worked by a Qurd and have a pleasant meal.


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