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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, May 23 2012, 17:44:08 (UTC)
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Luis Bunuel made his first two films with Dali: L'Age D'or and Un Chien Andelou, but after the anarchists were defeated by the fascists, Stalinsts and western powers, Bunuel and Picasso left their beloved homeland of Spain and lived abroad; Bunuel in Paris and Mexico; Picasso in Paris. Dali remained in Spain. And now his secret fascist love affair with Franco is exposed... It's not just about adoring a dictator, he was involvled in supporting assassinations and death sentences. He repulses me! Especially when he speaks about himself in the third person "Dali loves fascism" .. "Dali despises communist scum".. If it wouldn't have been for his wife Gala's support, he would have joined the communists for mere survival. He is a cockroach! I'm going to burn my Dali art book in protest!!


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