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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, November 9 2018, 20:30:55 (UTC)
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..all true, but they are easy to beat if we have the will. Hitler picked on unprepared and undefended countries for his first "amazing" victories...and that only happened because Liberals were tired of war, didn't want to pay to keep pace and just hoped these weirdos would go the time the rest woke up and mobilized, Hitler lost every engagement from then on....but the idea doesn't go away....and it's coming to the fore again...mostly because Liberal Democracy got hung up on making big bucks and ignored the growing misery of the common folk...and Hitler and Trump took advantage of that, beautifully.

...someday the fight will come out in the open, and these people will be crushed, but at what cost if we wait to confront them seriously? If you've noticed these neo Nazi types aren't the best and the brightest, in any category except lying didn't work when Hitler's generals realized they had to lie to Hitler and it doesn't work now when Trumps people have to lie to him just to get him to bed for a few hours....they will lose, but at what price...what price?

..and this time, after we beat them again, let's make a point of going to every rural hamlet and inner city school and revamping the entire curriculum to place critical thinking, history and real civic studies at the top...fuck algebra. And let's never again listen to religious complaints...they can teach that crap in their churches...don't come into the public school just because you can't get your own children into your own churches.

It's ironic that Hitchens would make such a big deal about how the United States is the ONLY country to have enshrined separation of church and state in its constitution...we should be SO proud and, I assume, rest assured by that. And yet, there are mega-churches on every corner and all over the media bilking people out of billions of dollars with obvious scams and yet the government and the Law won;t touch them because of the fucking "separation of church and state"...they know that and they take full advantage of lawmakers are terrified of any oversight.

But in Europe, in Britain where the king is the HEAD of the church and there is no constitution, written, and no tradition of separation of church and state, there is no thriving con-game enterprise hiding behind religion...and in the rest of western Europe religion is barely tolerated or thought about and there are no mega-bullshit temples to greed thriving there...because there, the government CAN take these frauds down...again, Hitchens missed the boat.

The test of any legislation or law is "does it work" can sound beautiful and scan fantastically...but what are its results....results?


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