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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 13 2012, 13:41:21 (UTC)
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"How can they call themselves free when they don't have power over its own economy and money printing?"

This is what democracy was supposed to solve; the periodic need for violent revolution to make changes desired by the vast majority of a population. No people could vote into law the changes they wanted, the changes that benefited them, even and especially against the interests of a powerful few. That's the theory at least. But that was without taking into account democracy's twin, Fascism. When the aristocratic nobility existed and kings ruled, there was no need of Fascism for it was enshrined in monarchies...the rich and powerful DID rule.

But under democracy, when the will of the people took precedence and the rich and powerful also had only one vote per person, the rich had to find a way to keep the people from voting their own interests into law...and that's when Fascism was born; Fascism, the secret ways to get people to vote AGAINST their own interests and FOR the rich and powerful who then rule over them "democratically".

Under the Kaiser there could not have been any Fascism, for the Kaiser WAS Fascism, in the royal flesh. Only when Germany became a voting republic did the conditions and need arise for Fascism; for VOTING into law, Fascism. And an even worse kaiser was ELECTED than monarchy had imposed.

First thing you need for Fascism and to keep it going, is control of the media....second thing is a debased educational system, both of which have to be voted INTO law by the the same dummies you would think would know better...but they don't because Fascism also enlists religion, especially Christianity. From birth Christians are taught to obey the mandates of a single all-powerful "Fascist" even, and especially, against their own best interests....even to cutting off pieces of flesh from their otherwise cherished babies. This sort of early training is invaluable for later on, it's the reason governments favor religion when you would think they would be wary of it because it supposedly teaches morality and so much of what Fascist governments do is IMMORAL.

Fascism doesn't mean funny doesn't mean a funny way of marching, or saluting, or uniforms and mass rallies, or hatred for Jews or any other ethnic group...these are just the frills and decorations, the style of particular Fascist leaders. It's very simple really, Fascism is the modern art, which only comes to life in a democracy, of getting a majority to "freely" vote power out of their own hands and best interests to the rich and the few....that's all. Without democracy there can be no Fascism....of course under Fascism the people have to gradually lose their democratic voting rights...but even that isn't necessary, you can simply make the process of running for office so damn expensive that only with Fascist backing can anyone afford to run...or, as in America now, the Fascists themselves are running for office with no need to hide behind the scenes, no need to worry that the people not being able to relate to a powerful rich guy...not in lottery-loving America where every punk is CONVINCED that he too could be a millionaire.

No country has a future when the uber-rich predominate, because the uber-rich can never BE the majority...and even if we don't take advantage of the peaceful means for change granted us in our Constitution, people will eventually rebel...and so change will come, one way or another, but it WILL come....history teaches that, as a fact.

We have a way to avoid violence while voting, not slugging it out, for the common welfare....but we don't use it. It's also in Fascism's nature to never settle, to never know "enough"...never be satisfied and also to never know peace, because the Fascist leaders know they have to keep looking over their shoulders because one day, one day there will come the reaction, the they know their time is limited; they just want to make all the money they can while they can. Which is, after all, just "good business".


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