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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, May 14 2012, 7:06:11 (UTC)
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Ross was dealing with the same types that we deal with everyday. He was probably asking himself what kind of idiots these students are. His point about these nationalists is very accurate. It's kind of hard to be a Christian and then want to take pride in a people which the Christian scripture speaks badly of. It is blasphemous to compare Jesus to the ancients or say that Christianity is copied from Mesopotamia. These people are fanatic Christians and then want to be true Assyrians ans they just jam them together and make it "AssyrianChristians" without separation. It's not even about language or else those who speak English and can't speak "Assyrian" wouldn't be accepted but they are. It's about religion and you have to be Christian before anything and if you are Muslim then your ethnic background doesn't matter anymore to them. It's as if your blood changes because of religion and because you left the religion of "Assyria" which is Christianity to them.

Sometimes when a hero gets really desperate and can't deny that the ancients mixed with others, he will just say all of the ancient Mesopotamian people were the same so "ha ha" and expects to be over. And where does he get such evidence for to support his ha ha? He gets it from Aprim booty hole.

As for the monuments you have built, I wouldn't beat myself up for it if I were you because the ancients were a magnificent people and should be honored and you are Iraqi so why not glorify the past of our country. I know it sucks that these Christians have messed it up and picked them to hide behind but there is a big difference between them and the ancients. I know you didn't know at the time as all of us were heroes at some point but the ancients existed and had a great story so I don't see it as a bad thing to present them to the modern world. None of the other heroes ever thought of doing what you do and you are the only one who has done something related to the ancients in over 2500 years. That's a long time and a hell of a skill. These heroes should feel shame but they are cowards and shameless. Just think how Aprim, who is a known nazi, can feel when in Iraq in front of the same people he slanders and writes books against. I couldn't look in the mirror if I were him. The ancient Assyrians are a big part of Iraqi history and Iraqis all take pride in being from that land and I don't blame them.


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