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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, May 14 2012, 20:53:42 (UTC)
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"As for the monuments you have built, I wouldn't beat myself up for it if I were you because the ancients were a magnificent people and should be honored and you are Iraqi so why not glorify the past of our country."

That's what I tell myself; that I will always honor the ancient people of Iraq, all of them, including those of the Great Islamic Empire, for their magnificent contributions to human growth and civilization...and I have no doubt that vestiges of all those ancient people are in many of us....but this shouldn't make idiots out of us. I just wish I had known enough NOT to have put that bogus "history" on the plaque...I told Dr Joseph once that I was going to approach the San Francisco Arts Commission and tell them of my huge error and ask if I could replace what's written on there, making no mention of Christianity or modern assyrians, but he cautioned me against it.....sigh."

- Hey, I'm just happy that we have an artist/thinker/humorist from our community. Every time I go to San Francisco, I go the Civic Center and honor the monument and the artist. You took the first step Pancho.. that's what matters., and it's not your last step..

As for Dr. Ross, I think he's out of line to equate the Assyrians with Hitler; and having been a student at that school (LAVC), I think he just wanted the pain-in-the-assyrians to stop taking his classes. I remember a professor who is from our community come up to me and reveal that she's "one of us", but to keep quiet about it, because she had had enough of "us" disrupting her lectures to add that the world, the wheel, civilization, and all the rest began with "us" and no one else.


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