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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Thursday, August 29 2019, 4:55:49 (UTC)
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It seems that some Chaldeans have taken the "Assyrian approach" and said "We are the direct descendants of the ancient Chaldeans, which is obviously untrue. Others just say "We are Chaldeans" and leave it at that -- whatever that means. It could mean that we are like the Native Americans in the US, but the Iraqi version ("we've been there all along"). It could mean that we are Christian Iraqis, who also speak a language other than Arabic. Our community hasn't been as vociferous as the Assyrians in highlighting our differences, it's more of a "put your head down and get to work" type of culture, very entrepreneurial. I guess that's the best way to summarize the difference in ethnic pride between our peoples. Otherwise, I'd say we're pretty much identical in every way.

pancho wrote:
>She's probably just as much Assyrian as she is Cherokee.
>Warren "knew" she was Cherokee because her family told her so....same way Rukhtapolitos knows he's Assyrian; his family told HIM.
>When challenged Warren couldn't prove it. Not even a DNA test settled the issue...turns out she, like countless others, has a bit of Cherokee in her.
>It never mattered before....she said it, and people believed her. Why wouldn't they?
>But then she is running for president and all of a sudden it DOES's no longer just thing, it's now a major issue, or was or will be. In other words, for important things, you definitely have to prove such claims.....for swapping stories around the water cooler you can claim anything you want.
>Assyrians are always saying "how come only we have to prove wh we are"...well, now we see that others have to prove it, when it is important...when it matters.
>And we can't.


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