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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, May 20 2012, 18:24:09 (UTC)
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"I remember in the early 70s when Hare Krishnas were the obnoxious ones chanting that Krishma Moo loves you and you should love him, or it...before that they were into Native American chanting...and next, like you said, they became Jesus Freaks, and then Hippies, Yippies and Yuppies... remember them? People said, "isn't that cute, Americans are seeking spiritual enlightenment"...Bullshit! They were nothing more than hollow, lost, capitalist spawn who'd sold their souls long before and were looking for the easiest short cut to feeling "good about myself", which is about as spiritual as Americans ever get."

- And some of them famious "hippies" became born-agains: remember Bob Dylan's transition into christianity? I have a good friend, a Jewish sister, who is a devotee, but she can't hold her Jew in check what I call Zionist teachings, when the issue of the Paletinians arises.... These folks are supposed to be compassionate toward all life, leaves, trees, bugs, and all other living beings. It's just another racket for the gurus (not all of them) to fuck their blonde, blue-eyes devotees into enlightenment.. (in other words a 3 minute fuck!.. if that).

That's what I love about John Lennon, he tried it out, saw it for what it was, and as an existential figure in his own making, he went beyond it! Long live John Lennon, "Power to the People".. which was inspired by Tariq Ali.


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