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Re: Everything That is Wrong with Christianity...
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, May 20 2012, 4:12:08 (UTC)
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You can catch them tonight at around 4 AM harassing people after they come out of the clubs and bars. You catch these boring Christians in the places they condemn trying to get people on the "right path" and all they do is waste their time. You don't see Muslims, Jews or Hindus standing outside of night clubs trying to get people right. If folks were interested, they would go to church themselves but they obviously don't want to. Last time I went out, there was a Christian standing on the street corner and he passes me what looked like money and then says "congratulations, you have just gotten rich" and I looked it and it was a fake bill with a bunch of bible verses on it and the church address on it. This is how desperate they have become that they have to chase fish and I believe it was the same way in the early days of Christianity with nobody interested except for a few weirdos, but they had swords and armies back then to force people.

Christian missionaries go around the world and harass people and they mostly focus on third world countries and war torn nations who have been devastated by America. Wherever the military is fighting, you see Christian missionaries right behind them with bibles and toothbrushes, oh and some candy for the children.


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