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Re: Fareen takes his High School Equivalency test
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 1 2012, 1:01:37 (UTC)
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Anna Quinlan pointed out that a friend told her when the Roman Empire was in trouble, the men who ran it always turned on the is happening now in neo-con are terrified of woman because they are terrified of their own feminine side. Thanks for the poems and an interesting time you had with Wikiicki

What is that place anyway? What useful service do they perform? In your exchange I can at least see that you are discussing poetry so she can rant at you about being a prodigy...only a fool says such a thing. But still, to block you?

But over at the assyrian page, you have editors arguing away real history for nonsense. I haven't been removed yet, or may be because I'm using actual citations from an actual book. On that page, though you can't edit the main article, there is a list of sub-articles that anyone can add article is almost done and I'll post it there...and hope they try to edit I can fire back.


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