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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, May 7 2012, 11:14:12 (UTC)
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Votes are still being counted as of this posting, but President Nicolas Sarkozy has already conceded."

- Could it possibly be due to the recent leaks doucumenting that Sarkozy's last election was for the most part bankrolled by Qazzafi? Maybe that's why Nicolas felt an urgent hard-on to vicariously sodomize Qazzafi by taking the initiative to send in his French NATO bombers to massacre (a conservative estimate by Tariq Ali) 20,000 Libyans including the head of state, Qazzafi, in the most brutish, genteel way (what a dichotomy the "Civilized" nations are) by the al-Quida racist mercenaries(and I mean pussy by quida, for without western air power, they'd been squashed in a manner of weeks and prosecuted for sedition, an must be held accountable and charged under Geneva Conventions for dragging a Head of State's wounded body out of the vehicle which was "surgically" targeted by the French fighter planes. (And who taught these Arabs and Africans ass killing, torcher, and the rest of it? You who read Monbiot's piece on what the English did to the unarmed Kenyans... I'm not saying non-white are angels, they have their own means and ways of making others suffer.)

So now we got Galloway, a Socialist, back as an MP in the UK; and now a Hollande, a Socialist, as president of France... guess who came in third? Marine Le Pen, daughter of the anit-Semite president of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who soften up her father's anti-Semitism for Islamophobia..

To Sarkozy's credit, he did, to the surprise of "Bibi" and great number of others vote "yes" for the Palestinians "enhancing their status in the General Assembly to that of an observer state." (Big deal!! But coming from a French President who's father was a Greek Jew converted to Catholicism in country with a one of the biggest Jewish communities in Europe.. well, I give him respect... I wonder how much Carla had to do with that decision the night before?)

But for now, au revoir, Sarkozy! (Sarkozy sounds like sarkosy, which in Persian means pussyhead: sar-head kos-vaginal.)

"Crown Royal" Rashad, you are a bad influence!! I never used profanity before I met you... ayba!! gudma breeshee!!


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