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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 7 2012, 12:34:04 (UTC)
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It won't make any difference...Socialist, Capitalist....Communist...the problem is monetary policy; where does money come from? How is it created...what backs it up but most of all; is created by private banks and loaned to the government? The new president of France may well set about handing around more benefits to the people, money for schools, money for unemployed workers, money for day-care, money for retirement...but where does that money come from? And taking it from the rich makes no difference because the problem remains the same; how does a society create money?

The way we've done it so far is through debt; governments go into debt to banks with the first dollar they print up...and it continues from there....collapse, Depressions, Recessions are inevitable, they are part and parcel with the money that's printed...and worse, no bank prints up the money you'll need to pay the INTEREST on the debt...that has to be gotten somehow and somewhere else.

France will play SOCIALIST for a time, but the eventual collapse is fact it is all part of the merry-go-round; like America gets "disgusted" with wars for a time, and then soon forgets and a new generation can't wait for military glory....Clinton filled the Treasury, then Bush emptied it...we're working on filling it again, so some other president can hand it over to his cronies...

Socialism won't work....Capitalism doesn't work...none of them work until we stop allowing banks to "loan" governments's the same mistake FDR made...his social programs were good, but he went to the same source for money; to Banks.


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