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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, May 7 2012, 14:14:26 (UTC)
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I agree, wasn't Yugoslavia torn asunder through war due to the IMF loans which Belgrade couldn't pay back, and a deal was struck for loan forgiveness if the federation was to separate into the distinct right-wing countries we now know as Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, etc.? (I could be wrong on this.)

But with some socialists in power during a time when Europe is going way to the Right, when there's Geert Wilders in the Netherlands spouting about a Muslim takeover of Europe (similar in ways to what was said about Jews); when the English Defense League (EDL) runs through neighborhoods where Muslims live and try to insitigate violence, it's still a bit of relief from all of this right-wing shit we've been dealing with.

But I agree with you as far as money, and also as Tariq was saying and keeps saying, no matter who is in power they all tend to lead from the "extreme center", and that center is extremely controlled by what the bankers dictate.


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