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Re: Gee...I wonder where he went?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, April 30 2012, 22:10:56 (UTC)
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Aha, I caught you pancho. You must be british and maybe MI5 because I see a British flag by your name. Arrow tells us he is not fareed because he has an Australian flag by his new name. I guess that makes me Australian because sometimes I see the flag by my name even though I never been there. I guess he couldn't think of another name. Remember when he would post as "mancho" few years ago? Yeah, that was him too, and so was minime, the one claiming we got the concept of eucharist all wrong, or remember "ghewargis" with the "assyrian has nothing to do with religion" claim? That was him also. Boy, am I good or what. Maybe I can write books now and I will be held on the same level as a world class detective.


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