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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 15 2012, 16:28:29 (UTC)
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pancho wrote:
>...lifted from Maggie's message board....
>Joined: Apr 26, 2012
>Posts: 31
>May 13, 2012 2:41 AM
>We all know whatís at stake. The Assyrians are leaving due to political instability and oppression.
>, they are leaving because the taxes you give to America have been used to attack their know, the one you "love" so much? This war you pay for is what killed them and drove them out, not Iraq.
> No place is safe for them in Iraq, unless it is within the safety of an Assyrian province.

Keep dreaming. Iraq hasn't been safe for anyone and you can thank the invading countries which you and your uncles were cheering on.

>'re preaching sedition again...and that makes life dangerous, not safe...just as Native Americans who tried it in the 70s found out.
> The Nineveh Plains is mostly Assyrian anyway, not to mention the most beautiful part of Iraq. It is ours just for the asking.

There we go again by making every Christian in Iraq Assyrian. By the way, it is not the most beautiful part, but it has a lot of oil there. If it were so beautiful, you wouldn't be in california and australia. No wonder you left.

>...then ask for it...and see what the answer will be...go on.
> Why do we need to wait for the Arabs and the Kurds to duke it out FIRST? Letís grab it right now.

I don't give a fuck who you wait on because it ain't happening.

>...great. Just what the Iraqis over there need to hear.....
> We need Assyrian police officers and security guards to guard the Assyrian townships and keep things safe for our people and their daily lives. Why canít Yonadam Kanna hire more guards to guard these towns, in addition to the ones heís hired to guard our churches and monasteries? Zowaa has plenty of qrawtaneh ready to serve Assyria. I donít see why Yonadam Kanna canít designate one day in the Iraqi Parliament where he tells them point blank, ďwe are declaring Nineveh Plains as the Assyrian AqleemĒ?

Yeah well go find men who want to be soldiers and police officers. Maybe you can get those pretty boys in chicago, california and australia who pose for the camera better than girls and who spend more time looking in the mirror, to go back there and volunteer. You gonna need more police and soldiers than population and it still wouldn't help. As for Kanna declaring, you people have no understanding whatsoever. Just like you declared "we are Assyrians" and everyone is supposed to bow to you, you think by "declaring" things that it suddenly happens. Kanna knows better and isn't this stupid. Kanna has never made such demands and he knows better. Sounds like you wanna get rid of the remaining christians and what gets me about this is that all you little bitches hide far away and make demands. Why do you care about Iraq anyway when you don't live there and have no intention to do so?

>..."we are declaring"? It's THAT easy? I think because all you ever "achieved" was done through words and "declarations" without ever, I mean EVER, having achieved anything through deeds, you think that's all it takes...just "declare" victory and it's yours. I think you are thinking that you can "ban" Qurdistan like you ban those you don't like at your message board.....just give out the password it takes to get into "Assyria" and we'll all be there.
> Talabani has already offered his support for it, so has Al Maliki, and for that matter so has Nichervan Barzani.

Saddam Hussein once offered his "support" as well and he even offered weapons if only Assyrians would fight the kurds for their land. He knew damn well they wouldn't do it because everyone knows assyrians are weak, scared, cowards and dancers, not fighters.
>...sure What better way to get them all in one fell swoop than to encourage the dummies to step forward? Every once in a while a dictatorship, or puppet government, take yer choice, will declare an "amnesty" hoping the idiots will actually step out from the shadows...then they round them up...sure, of COURSE Iraq wants to hand over it;s most "beautiful part", which also happens to be rich in petroleum to a CHRISTIAN SECT....they are EAGER to do so...all they were waiting on was for YOU to go over and encourage the fools to listen to you...after which you'll move back to Los Angeles and they can catch hell. But, you will have had the satisfaction of doing your "national work"...which, as with all you nationalists, consists of setting OTHERS up. You'll feel you accomplished something...and if it turns out badly, as it will, you can just blame THEM while thumping your chests about what a better MAN you are than any ten men out there, because you at least "did" something!
> That only leaves Masoud, who is trying to annex the Nineveh Plains to so-called "Kurdistan." Who cares about Masoud, who is out-numbered at the moment?

Well you may not care but Kanna is permitted to operate because of Masoud and that's how it is. If Kanna steps out of line, his little political party, which has no politicians, would be banned and rightfully so.

>....what a dumbass...and I've seen it and it's a BIG dumb ass,
>Letís not wait and lose this opportunity.

Oh yeah, because you missed so many opportunities before and you can't afford to miss this one. What happen to all the other opportunities?

>...again with the golden "opportunity"???....this war was supposed to be another such opportunity...and now that the country and all its people, including Christians, have been devastated by it...Maggie comes yelling OPPORTUNITY! It must be another of those words for which they have their own definition...the opportunity is one to be destroyed even further.
>Letís put the pressure on the Iraqi government NOW. The Assyrians MUST be able to protect themselves, and this is the only way they can. Where are our party leaders, our church leaders?

You waiting on church leaders? Iraqis can't even protect themselves and you expect them to be able to protect christians alone? Christians were safe in iraq until the US and its buddies came along and turned the country around. You may not know this but iraqi churches and no churches in the islamic world needed protection and Baghdad is full of churches but the country isn't safe. While you at it, you may wanna request protection for mosques too since they've been attacked more than churches, but you and I know well that you don't give a fuck.

Just like you call yourself Assyrian and that's enough, you want a piece of iraq for yourself and that's suppose to be enough. You are christian and you can't get one just because of your religion so now you are "Assyrians" and "indigenous" so you want your land, and guess what, that also didn't work. In your own words: so ha ha. Oh and: fuck off dude.

>...way behind you, that;s where. People who actually have to live in Iraq know better than to speak are encouraging them on to their destruction....YOU are the problem, not Iraq.

He's encouraging them and stands behind them but all the way from his bedroom in Modesto.

>Hello, is their anybody out there?
>...yes, I'm here. I'll always be here for you.


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