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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, May 25 2012, 16:34:10 (UTC)
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Hitchens and his likes aren't attacking religions in general anymore but they have singled out Islam and that's what they focus on. They say islam is the biggest danger and a very scary religion. I guess christianity with all its blood and scary doctrines doesn't bother them because it is a western made religion after all. Christianity is the most fucked up religion, and requires indoctrination from the time one is born. Islam is too simple and doesn't have such doctrines or concepts which one just has to accept. Christianity isn't simple and never was. Wars were fought between christians of various denominations over who jesus was. Islam never had any disputes over its doctrines and both shias and sunnis agree on the most important matters, and only differ on secondary matters. However, no two christians are alike. Bring a baptist and a united pentecostal and see if they get along.

Christianity is great for every coward, murderer, rapist, racketeer, and just about everyone who is fucked up in the head. if there is any religion which has anything at all to do with logic, it's islam. Sure, it's "unique" as hitchens will say or that jew fucker, and that's because it allows one to defend himself and his property. Someone fuck with me, yes I would kick his fucking teeth in if I were a muslim. I would defend myself, my family and anyone who is being harmed. It's very simple.

If this were about religions being absurd, no comment, and continue all you want but that's not it. This is racism and the singling out of one religion, bombing people of that religion and then criticizing them when they defend themselves. I asked them dick-suckers I work with, who know their government is corrupt, what they would do if they were invaded by some other country, and all of them said they would fight and die for this country. Even the most sincere ones among them said they would fight and die for it, and we see this when they send their children to die in other wars. They volunteer to join the military and then look down on anyone who doesn't go.

Now why is it so different when a muslim does the same when he is a human after all? Is he suppose to take that or just role over for america? Then they'll say but they strap bombs on themselves, okay and you drop bombs with push of buttons so what's the difference? You murder and they defend themselves by trying to murder you back, but you are in their lands, and fighting them there because your government has financial nd political interests there.

Christianity had to be forced on the citizens of rome, who didn't want it. It had to be forced on every people wherever it went. You fan be a rapist, fuck children, prostitutes, kill your wife for insurance money, get fucked in the ass, and do anything else and still be saved because you have jesus. A muslim can fast, pray, give charity and worship god alone all he wants to but he will still go to hell because he doesn't have jesus as his god and savior who died for everyone's crimes.

Of course no christian will admit that this is how christianity works. No christian will say you can do anything you want and still be saved, but what are you saying when you call yourself "saved"? How can you still go to hell after that knowing you have accepted jesus as your god and savior? Some will say that a christian can't do that anymore, well okay, but many still do, so how can this be ex0plained? Of course they not suppose to, but there seems to be a lot of christians who do what they are not supposed to, no? When will they get it right, and why is it so easy for muslims do get it right with their religion which supposedly requires them to murder, rape and do genocides and kill everyone who isn't muslim?

Hitchens lost his logic a long time ago and he is starting to resemble arrow and appear desperate like him. I still think maybe hitchens came home and caught his wife fucking a nigerian, turk or an arab. Oh wait, he is probably gay like harris and doesn't have a wife so maybe it was his sister. This must be white people logic. No matter how educated a cracker is, he will lack logic when he is bigoted and hitchens has the same hatred that a christian has and he is european after all. His people have gone all over the world to exploit, murder and enslave.


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