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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 25 2012, 14:38:16 (UTC)
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Website title: really is on odd religion, if you are looking for moral guidance...the millions of Hindus, no matter how good and decent and moral are all condemned to hell for not knowing of or believing in Jesus, yet, as you point out, the worst serial killer who finds Jesus is washed clean and goes to hevean...this is moral teaching?

How are children to process this? On hearing that all their sins and those of parents were forgiven them by the simple expedient of killing someone else...what are they to understand of personal responsibility, which has to be at the basis of any morality?

Does the mortal sin of fucking your neighbors wife really require the murder of an Innocent before you can be forgiven?

Islam would not have appealed to th Romans...nor would Judaism. Only Christianity with its teaching of freedom from personal responsibility plus last-minute forgiveness for any heinous crime would appeal to an Empire, not to mention the glorying in with the "triumph" of Jesus through being them, no less.


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