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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, May 25 2012, 17:18:43 (UTC)
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Hitchens got his ass handed to him in his famous Lordly glass of scotch by the working class Scots-Irishman, Galloway, who doesn't even have the educational background as Hitchens; and Tariq Ali, who's second language is English, and came to Britain when he was a teenager from Pakistan, finishing his studies at Oxford, and debating and beating Kissinger when he was only 22 years old -- when Kissinger was the rock star of Washington who thought his impotence could be masked with the aphrodisiac of "power".. much like Hitchens.

Unlike Hitchens; Galloway, Ali, Chomsky, Parenti, Cockburn, and the rest of his former comrades didn't jump ship like a fuckin' rat when it went sinking. They remained critical, consistent and honorable and didn't sell out for a flat in DC to mingle with the neo-Cons and their lackeys at Vanity Fair.

And regarding Muslims fighting back.. the anarchists have the same exact theory and practice of self-defense. That is that the working class has the right to defend itself when confronted by state violence with the same amount of force and even more. And what about "stand your ground" law? Is that not the same thing? It's only criminal and terrorisitic when a "commie" or a "haji" does it? This is all really about class and race.. well really about class, they just throw race in their to confuse and diffuse class consciousness.


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