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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, May 24 2012, 23:30:38 (UTC)
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Website title: might be paranoid if governments were honest, transparent and never lied...but since they hide all their secrets behind national secrecy and have been shown to lie and cover their tracks, no one can be blamed for trying to fill in the blank spaces....had we never found out the truth weŽd have been accused of being paranoid if we doubted NixonŽs claims about Watergate, of JohnsonŽs about the Gulf of Tonkin seems we are actually expected to believe whatever we are told until and accidentally, for the most part, we eventaully learn the real isnŽt our fault if we overreact at times....what can we do but guess...and as intelligently as we can..of course weŽll get it wrong sometimes...but not that often.

In any case, if the government is opposed to our own theories let them open their books...that will settle it.


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