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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, May 24 2012, 22:20:37 (UTC)
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The thing with the cartoon issue is that it came from a postion of power, like the old depictions of American Blacks during Slavery and Jim Crow. If both people of each religion were in equal positions of power, then they could both satirize each other's relgions. But that wasn't the case in Europe, and the reaction was no surprise.

My neighbor is a right-winger, but I don't discuss politics and religion with her. She's the grandaughter of some Menshevik who left Belarus when the Bolsheviks were consolidating their power. She tells me that the US is responsible to have nuclear weapons but Mid-Easterners are not. And regarding Japan, she actually believes that "we thought about it long and hard before we proceeded to drop the bomb on them". The bomb? There were two bombs, two days apart, thrown on civilans in populated areas. And the intelligence reports concluded that the Japanese were willing to surrender before the bombs blew away their cities. The US wanted the British and the Russians to know who's the boss now. It's all part of what Chomsky calls "The Mafia Principle". Plus the sanctions is what led the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.. that was the whole point. We needed Pearl Harbor to enter the war and protect our corporate interests and expand as the new world empire. Are people really this misinformed? Or am I just who ju say? Paraonoid?


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