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Re: How 'Antifa' Mirrors the 'Alt-Right'
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, September 1 2017, 15:16:21 (UTC)
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Antifa saved the asses of the clergy who were locked in arms singing "we shall overcome" while shitting in their Christian pants as hundreds of neo-Nazis were attacking them with tiki-torches and screaming "nigger!" and "boy!", especially at Cornell West, and if it wasn't for the anarchists, their asses would be bloodied. Period. White boys are tough in packs, but get them alone, and they'll get on their knees and cry... like the pussyfied "crying Nazi" who was a big shot on Vice's interview while showing his guns, but now he's in jail. As a friend once told me, the Brothas don't use lube, the Vatos do. It's best to be a bitch for the Vatos. Punk-ass virgin ain't gonna be no virgin no'mo'.

"I have a problem, I hear he's a pretty kid. I don't know whether to fight him or fuck him."

-- Robert de Niro "Raging Bull"


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