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Re: How Can a Movement be Apolitical?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 18 2012, 21:54:46 (UTC)
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I don't understand why you have to enter the Knesset...sounds to me a little like our own community where every bright young person who cares to do something for the community is encouraged to "join the political leadership"...if they do, they get swamped by trivia, sucked under by a torrent of rules, maddened by pin pricks from Pricks, and finally taken over, or driven out in despair, by the old farts in control....whose intention that was all along.

Had the young lady parked her tent in the Knesset and had people rallied round here there, then I'd see why the Knesset was the natural place to end up...but it started in the streets, or leave it there.

You really don't change a system by joining it...look at community organizer Obama. There comes a point where you have to stay outside until enough people are out and the Knesset collapses for lack of relevance.


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