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Re: How right wing conspiracy theories found a home in Egypt
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, August 29 2013, 18:05:40 (UTC)
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I can already take an easy guess that most of these Egyptian rightists are Coptic Christians, or bankrolled by wealthy Egyptian Copt businessmen. And this coup d'etat that the U.S. refuses to call a coup, since they can't deliver weapons and aid under international law if it is officially established as a coup, will find other means, as historically the U.S. easily finds players in the neighborhood to deliver the goods: like they did with Iran using Israel; like they did in Guatemala using Israel; like they did in Apartheid South Africa using Israel... not that the Israelis didn't make a killing in charging double for their favor... more settlement building, more sophisticated arms, and the like. So we are to be distracted by refocusing our hearts and minds on Syria, while daily (as I'm writing this and the ash falls off my cigarette) pogroms against the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) are taking place. The MB is not necessarily a group I like, but these are the facts. And the coup has entered the stage of counter-revolution. The symbolic release of Mubarak... from bed? He sure the fuck wasn't in jail. He was acting like a Mafia boss, dark shades, satin sheets, what the fuck!! These reactionary fascists (similar in ways to the Greek neo-Nazi political group Golden Dawn, who engineer and execute their own pogroms on South Asian Muslim immigrants), like the secular Egyptian military and Mubarakites, have great numbers in the military and state police, and their own paramilitary groups. These are the remnants of the 1967-1974 Rule of the Colonels, when a CIA-backed coup toppled Greek democracy as the nation embarked on seven dark, violent years or repression. Will Egypt's rule of the Generals collapse as did the one in Greece due to the Cyprus war in '74. If Syria's war will bleed right into Egypt, and it'll be the most effective counter-revolution the West has grasped and shaped... by using the same old Machiavellian trick of divide and rule.


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