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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, August 30 2013, 19:32:10 (UTC)
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Unfortunately, the American working class is and always was a taboo word. Sounded too much like Marxist lingo. So they co-opted the U.S. working class by pitting one group against the other: Paying Blacks less to do what whites did for more; just as they now divide and rule the minorities by paying Mexicans less to do what Blacks did for more... There's a whole history behind this. In Parenti's latest book, his memoir, WAITING FOR YESTERDAY, he writes how poor southern Italians like his family were beaten and pummeled by White Irish union members, who while on strike, their jobs were offered to impoverished Italian scabs, who were beaten to a pulp for wanting nothing more than a good day's work to feed their families. So, the working class got turned into BLUE COLLAR, which means white workers. They've now even co-opted the word "hoodie" to describe dangerous, Black criminal-minded youth... thanks to the piece of shit Zimmerman and his Klan fans... "Hoodie" is what Blacks called the Klan. Do people really not see this shit?


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