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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, August 30 2013, 5:32:49 (UTC)
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....if Snowden hadn't blown the whistle, today you'd be called a whacko conspiracy theorist if you suggested the government was spying on us..."where is your proof, you whack-job Leftie", they'd say. So, you don't need evidence to know a snake is going to strike...and you don't have to wait for its poison to take the very least you can know enough to steer clear of it...we can't wait on people like Snowden or fumbling governments to make judgements...we have to make educated guesses based on the best possible evidence AND, why in the world would Assad use limited sarin attacks now? The rebela haven't beaten him...he has jet fighters and tanks and he knows damn well the rebeals and war-mongering CEOs would like nothing more than to have the United States use this pretext to make a bundle for the poor why would he? What would he have to gain vs what he could lose?

You don't need "evidence", besides the recent past, to make a sound judgement call....same questions many of us posed about Iraq...but the country was even stupider then.


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