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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, August 30 2013, 18:42:09 (UTC)
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" And this new version called neoliberalism, engineered by the likes of Ludwig Von Mises and Fredrich Hayak (certainly German, and possibly Nazis), and put to the experiment by the "Chicago Boys",led by the University of Chicago's Milton Friedman, in the real life laboratories of Chile and elsewhere in Latin America, is definitely the most vicious, unfair and unequal system to date."

...this "system" was never about decent lives for the people...since the dawn of time it has been about wealth for wealthy. Thing is that for most of human history forms of government all made it easy to bypass the people to concentrate wealth on the wealthy...and so there was no need of pandering to the people...the people were there to be fucked over, everyone knew it, admitted it and went right on fucking.....the only change came when some people had enough and rebelled, usually to be pulled under again by the same system with a new front....then came democracy and a "free press" and the VOTE and things changed, has still been a system like the old systems except now you have to "sell" it where before you could just impose it.

Before you just screwed the people and they expected they don't expect it, but you're aim is still to screw them...and so, Fascism is born....and is mis-defined as somehow connected to hating Jews and wearing funny facial hair while goosestepping....and this is just more of what Fascism does; effectively hide its true nature...Fascism is all about SELLING the old screw to people enamored of their "democracy", it's the modern challenge of getting people to LIKE getting screwed, to think it's their patriotic and god-duty to GET screwed.

So far it's been working marvelously well.

The old Labor Movement, one of the proudest moments in all of human history, was the first concerted attack by the people against this age-old system....but it has been largely muted, again by Fascism: by convincing people that unions are BAD for them...and one of those techniques was in getting Hoover to deny the presence of the Mafia while helping and allowing it to take over you could SHOW how "bad" unions were...there's a slight peep of union talk again, but by low-level employees...the last time for unions there WERE no "high" level employees...but since all workers are being screwed, again...let's see if any union sentiment spreads....unions, real unions, fight Fascism...they always will.


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