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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, August 30 2013, 18:09:34 (UTC)
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Tarq Ali says during the 70-year duration of the Soviet system no one in the West mentioned capitalism, because there was something loathsome and unequal about it, so instead of saying they're fighting for capitalism, they'd instead say they're fighting for freedom, or as you say democracy. But since the fall of the Soviet system, capitalism is spoken of as if it's a god. There's nothing democratic or free about capitalism. And this new version called neoliberalism, engineered by the likes of Ludwig Von Mises and Fredrich Hayak (certainly German, and possibly Nazis), and put to the experiment by the "Chicago Boys",led by the University of Chicago's Milton Friedman, in the real life laboratories of Chile and elsewhere in Latin America, is definitely the most vicious, unfair and unequal system to date.


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