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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, September 21 2013, 17:53:36 (UTC)
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Marcello wrote:
>I have a feeling someone from the community, one of your enemies, had corresponded with Ross. How the fuck did he know you live in Mexico? Wasn't there a Chaldean guy who was pissed at you? I remember reading a letter by a Chaldean man to K. Ross in which he was saying that you claim to be Chaldean but you don't represent neither the Chaldean or the Assyrian community.. You must know who I'm talking about.

...I had a LOT of "enemas" Fred Aprim spelled it. I far prefer being the enema of this ditzy nayshun than it's hero. Just blow the truth up assyria's arse and stand back, waaaay back!


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