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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, September 7 2017, 17:58:47 (UTC)
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"The world tried reasoning with the Nazis the last time...eventually, after they had grown stronger, our side was forced to resort to violence and 55 million people died as a result."

-- Yes, exactly... and the anti-Fascists (AntiFa) have a very clear understanding of history and how racism, Capitalism, and White Supremacy all derive from patriarchy and all and other forms of hierarchy... (although sometime hierarchy is necessary, like in battle, for instance), and the anarchists' and AntiFa's response is to nip fascism in the bud... "Bash the Fash", as they say. I knew neo-Nazis in high school. They were incredibly easy to talk to when they were alone ( that is, without their goons, guns and clubs ... or the cops protecting their "freedom of speech and assembly"), but once they were in a pack, they were the same assholes they have always been. Regarding AntiFa: I don't advocate or support their vandalism and unnecessary acts of violence, but when they're out their protecting non-violent clerics and priests from a bunch of hateful white boys, then there they have my support.


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