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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, September 15 2013, 2:15:22 (UTC)
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...I agree, of course....when you get right down to it we're all Africans....why only trace your ancestry back to England, or Babylon...where did those people come from? Don't stop where it's convenient...if you're into ancestry then go all the way.....where would Ashurbanipal trace his ancestry to? Babylone? And where would they trace back to...Sumer? And where would the Sumerians loook for their ancestors?

We're claiming kinship with people of 3000 years ago....what if Ashurbanipal went back 3000 years? He sure wouldn't have any Assyrians in his background...not that far back. So let's cut the crap...we're all earthlings, and let it go at that.

Marcello wrote:
>-- This is a bit off topic:
>Tracing Noah back to Upnapishtim, we should also consider that Upnapishtim may have derived from African folklore. There are some who "believe" that Noah's Ark and Jesus dying on the cross come from Kemet (ancient Egypt) where every year the waters of chaos, known as ARGHA NOA, run through Kemet. And also each year the God's Sun (son) dies on the cross for three days, rising on the third day. This occurs during the winter solstice in the month of December, during the 22nd, 23rd and 24th day of the month when the Sun (son) dies on the southern crux or cross.
>Here's a hippie/New Age link to what I'm trying to say, man. Peace, good vibes, and don't Bogart that joint, my friend!


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