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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, September 15 2013, 4:27:58 (UTC)
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"We're claiming kinship with people of 3000 years ago....what if Ashurbanipal went back 3000 years? He sure wouldn't have any Assyrians in his background...not that far back. So let's cut the crap...we're all earthlings, and let it go at that."

-- I totally agree... The late African-American historian John Henrik Clarke has written extensively about this subject. He says while some historians focus on the Mesopotamian civilizations, they completely negate the fact that prior to Mesopotamia there were cultures from the Upper Nile (at mouth of the Nile around Ethiopia) that were advanced in all of the areas which are attributed to the non-Black cultures that later developed in Sumer, Babylon, and so on.. Yes, we are all earthlings! Now pass the joint, dude...


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