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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Saturday, January 13 2018, 21:15:20 (UTC)
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Thanks for sharing, Marcel!

Marcello wrote:
>Iraq Historical Overview, Photographic Evidence: "I Never Thought Iraq Would Arrive at What It Is Today"
>Latif Al Ani: 'I Was Documenting for the Sake of Archiving. The Iraqi photographer considers his photographic preservation of a long-vanished Iraq, his preoccupation with beauty, and the desire to share his country's pain with viewers
>By Angeria Rigamonti di Cuto and Latif Al Ani
>Global Research, January 12, 2018
>In 1957, the historian Hugh Trevor-Roper described Iraq as "efficient, energetic, prosperous, complacent: a Levantine Switzerland", a description that is now almost impossible to fathom given the later succession of atrocities beleaguering the country - sectarian violence, chemical warfare, a US-led invasion waged on spurious evidence, and Islamic State’s subsequent onslaught. With the photography of Latif Al Ani (b1932), to some extent, seeing is believing, in a series of images presenting scenes of what is often referred to as Iraq's "golden age" of cosmopolitanism, enabled by the flourishing oil industry, a crucial factor in the country's burgeoning prosperity.
> --- Follow link to have a better read and access to the beautiful black & white photos of Iraq, during the 1950's:


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