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Re: Is Prof. John Joseph alive?
Posted by poncho (Guest) - Sunday, April 18 2021, 19:57:34 (UTC)
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He was a kind man, obviously a well-respected professor whose college named an International Studies building after him...and he is the only one who was qualified to write an actual book about the idea that descendants of the ancient Assyrians exit today, in any meaningful sense. It's sounds trite but in this case especially Dr. Joseph will live on in the important service he performed by writing our real history in the modern era.

Let's review his competition. First of all, no one holding a doctorate in Mid East history has written a counter-argument...and if is in mid east modern history you will find modern day Assyrians first raising their funny heads. There are a few Assyriologists who jumped on this bandwagon but leave us remember...their field of expertise is ancient Assyrian history...not the relevant time-frame for the modern claim to Assyrian descent. One such, Simo Parpola, I suspected, on meeting him at conventions, of pandering to this folly in order to get grants from starry-eyed Assyrians who hoped he would bolster their case....but I repeat, this is not his field of study. It would have been like Joseph writing his opinions on ancient Assyrian history...something he would have admitted was NOT his specialty.

Then there are the numbers of Assyrian taxi drivers, engineers, dentists, mechanics etc., who've had their "books" printed, NOT published, by the "print-for-hire" shops who'll print anything you submit so long as you pay. Add to this the ones who've taken over the Assyrian page on Wikipedia, the "Dumbing Down of Dummies" outlet who've written whatever they pleased with no references except for the same printed-by-mechanic books.

Only Dr Joseph cared because, first of all this is not exactly a hot field of study. All serious historians and scholars know damn well this is a fever dream of an Assyrian Christian sect trying to lie their way into a part of Iraq as their "nayshun" no one bothers with it. Only Dr. Joseph made an actual study of the subject and, of course, he was defiled as a traitor, liar, fool, Qurd, Arab, Turk etc. He wanted to study any actual evidence for this claim, also discover all the evidence against well as where and when this idea first crept into our creepy nationalists. And he achieved his goal and it's all laid out simply and coherently, with a massive bibliography for anyone who really cares to know truth.

I'm grateful to him for opening my eyes and helping me recover from making any more of a fool of myself by accepting this claim to direct Assyrian descent. I have reverence and respect for the ancient Assyrians and have always believed they got a bum rap by modern historians, mostly due to the fact that along with the Babylonians, they took pity on the sheepshit tending Hebrews and sent them away to boarding school to Nineveh and Babylon...something which the wiser among them felt grateful enough for that they scorned the idea of returning to Israel....sort of like being sent from Armpit, Alabama to New York for university....who'd return to Armpit except those too fearful of and unable to adapt to civilization?


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