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Re: Judge Rejects Bail Hike for Zimmerman
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, May 3 2012, 2:32:05 (UTC)
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...the consolation in this, is to take it to it's next logical step...since it is legal to carry firearms in many states, then the Black Panthers, or any other oppostiton group, can also arm its members...after all, how hard is it to prove that Blacks have real reason to feel threatened by Whites, especially armed Whites? counter that the government will declare the Panthers, and any individuals who stand up to Boss Whitey as "terrorists"...and refuse them gun licenses...but that won't stop anything...the conservatives lost this abttle in the 60s when we all started fucking everybody...since then it's been a rearguard action, but they lost already, it's over. Either we leave these Troglodytes behind and get on with the peaceful revolution or the entire country slides further backwards, and not to nostalgia either but to stagnation.


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