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Re: Judge Rejects Bail Hike for Zimmerman
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, April 30 2012, 18:39:28 (UTC)
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My speculation that George Zimmerman's father may be Jewish at this point is false and irrelevant (and a bit racist on my part, but oh well.. I'll cut myself a few times with a razor, speak in toungues for 33 seconds, pray to Yeweh, and hoochooo jewja gaga goo hapa tu me ka ke ke ju ju ka kee ke ke pa ju ju.. and I'm renewed and forgiven).

But that he was a former Magistrate Judge may play a part in which of his former friends and colleagues may be able to get his son a light sentence, or simply probation, or community service.. hmmm.. maybe something like NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH?


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