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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, May 11 2012, 8:16:45 (UTC)
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That's like Santorum is close friends with Sandusky, the child rapist. They are all secret child rapists, gays, jam dildos up their ass, fantasize about young girls and boys, etc. And such are the types who become presidents of the "free world." There was a pastor a few years ago who was never shy about his hatred for gays, yet later came out and admitted that he was bisexual and was "trying" hard to fight this "disease." Now if I was Larry King, or whoever was interviewing him at that time, I would have asked him how come his holy ghost, which is supposed to be his god as in third person and lives inside them and prevents them from stepping out of line, didn't save his ass from it. Just like the big tit Christian girl who I will see dancing at a club on a saturday night, drunk, horny and wet, yet at church on sunday talking about how the "holy spirit" lives inside her and protects her from bad. Where is it on saturday night? Where is it when the Christian steps out of line, kills his wife, neighbor, local mail man or anything else? Does it take a day off and then come back after?

I guess god must sleep and rest on the weekend, too. When I look at Romney, Santorum or any of these clowns, I imagine them bringing someone else, perhaps someone they hate(black guy) to fuck their wives and daughters in front of them.


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