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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, August 29 2013, 15:26:45 (UTC)
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"My Persian friend, Dr. Ali told me that in Farsi there is not a word for "him" or "her", is that true? He said that he's been doing research and the majority (if not ALL) of the famous Persian poets were actually gay and they wrote their love poetry for other men."

- Jeff

-- Jeffrey (Jaffar Jon) I thought about the above statement regarding the role of men or homosexuality in Persian poetry or culture. To quote Ahmadinejad "there are no gays in Iran".. cause he and his type hanged them, or forced them to have sex-change operations, or Sex reassignment surgery. Anyway, I thought since the three desert monotheistic religions refer to god as he, that may be the reason why Movlana (Rumi) refers to the Beloved (god) as "he", with Shams of Tabriz as a conduit to the Beloved. I could be wrong though... I usually am.


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