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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Thursday, January 8 2009, 9:24:01 (CET)
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Unfortunately such liars continue with this sort of stuff all the time. There was that redneck woman in Florida who had claimed she had heard 3 Muslim students from Florida state university plot a terrorist attack, the men were detained, held for questioning for over 18 hours and later it was discovered that the whole thing was false. The woman's daughter issued an apology on behalf of her mom and claimed the lady had health or mental issues. Same with the white woman in the mid 90s who had drowned her own children in North Carolina and tried to blame it on a black men. After she was found guilty and when she was asked why she made the story up, she stated that it was easy to blame it on black people since they are known for crimes. Unfortunately for her and fortunately, the United states being a racist country which are fascinated by keeping stats on color, they were able to show which kind of crimes black people were known for, and killing children was not common among them.

Such sickness exists among our nationalists too and how they think they can always blame the Muslim for everything. I agree that such things should be brought up and it seems like Christians love to label every act committed by a Muslim as an Islamic crime while ignoring the daily crimes. Every time I watch the local news at night and see the crimes committed throughout my city, the criminals are always Christians or people with Christian up bringing. Just look at the rich people that keep murdering their children or wives on the Nancy Grace show, none of them are Muslims and most are White and Christian but the entire race or religion is not demonized like Islam is. It is a double standard and has to be challenged. Look at that Mccain supporter who called Obama an arab, he didn't even correct her insults at Arabs.


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