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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, January 8 2009, 23:18:36 (CET)
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It's a pity Islam condemns human statuary...I believe that the best way to bring debate ancd controversy too out into the open...into a public forum, is to stick your argument right in everyone's CNN and FOX and the rest of them do.

What American Muslims need is a PUBLIC display of their true history where Christianity and Judaism is concerned...something acurate and truthful which Christians can't deny without making plain their racism and bigotry...a statue commemorating a Muslim hero, for instance, to be installed in plain sight in an American city would cause outrage at first...which would be wonderful because then you'd have dialogue and debate instead of'd have letters to the editors of newspapers and Teevee coverage, always a good thing...and in the end there would be no good reason to instal such a monument..and all the bad reasons would surface quickly for all to see.

Perhaps it can be done without using the human form...maybe just sculptured letters of the beautiful Arab script done up artistically but telling the TRUTH...something Americans would then have to confront and deal with...sometimes you have to play by the rules and public monuments is a great game to play.


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