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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Thursday, January 8 2009, 10:55:18 (CET)
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By stating "he is a decent family man" he basically showed his racist attitude toward Arabs. You are absolutely correct when you state that they are using the same tactics they used toward Jews and Blacks before. If one were to make such comments about any other community, there would be outrage, and a lot of lawsuits too. I personally don't care what they want to say about Muslims but they have to be fair enough to at least allow a fair debate or a challenge from the other side. A while back on Fox news, there was some bigot pastor on there saying all kinds of lies against Islam and kept shouting "Jesus loves you" "halleluya" and other stupid statements but there was no Muslim on the show to refute him or debate him. Luckily there was a fair minded journalist who did a good job challenging the lies and this journalist had spent over 15 years in the Middle East and he also knew Islamic history well enough to say something against the pastor. This coward type behavior is very common among these Christian bigots and they love to not have a challenge because their faint otherwise.

The pope is another example. Since he had made those comments about Muhammad, many scholars have asked him to debate with them and the only thing he agreed on was private dialogues in his office, off camera. I thought Muslims do not like free speech and other freedoms? Why the fear to be on international TV? One of my favorite Muslim scholars challenged him to either a dialogue or a debate on INTERNATIONAL TV where all could see it, but the pope didn't accept. Or that other champion Pat Robertson who has his own show, he was also challenged and even offered 10,000 dollars per hour to debate at Madison square garden or any arena, on Muslim's expense and on live TV but he ignored it too. As money hungry these pastors are, he turned down 10,000 per hour to debate a Muslim. If these people were this cock sure about themselves and had a strong back bone about their claims against Islam and Muslims, they would be the ones calling us out and not running like cat and mouse.

Even I challenge so many of those who message me talking loud and not one of them is willing to actually debate the issues they talk about and I know why. It is easy to claim "moslems did this and moslems did that" but it is another thing when they are asked "oh yeah when and where". That is when they say "we have no time to waste" and "you are stupid" or "you better repent before you die". It's a joke yet it's just tears me apart not being able to smack them with their claims and lies.


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