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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, April 30 2012, 2:14:33 (UTC)
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Christianity came over 600 years after the fall of assyria. If anything, they are comparing the genes of modern christians whom we know have become racist and especially in the last 200 years and they just calling them assyrians. What does this have to do with the genes and dna of the ancients? The ancients weren't christian and didn't have that prejudice or taboo against interracial marriages. They weren't a pure race of people except they were citizens of assyria. But we are not talking about them and they are not around to be tested and then compare the genes of little ashur, aprim, arrow/fareed and everyone of these heroes. The dna thing is very silly and these dweebs buy it because it comes from white people and they say that christians of iran don't mix much. Oh really? As if we didn't know that, but that's also not true because they did mix in the past even when they were christians. I have met have "assyrians" and half iranians before and also mixed with kurds, arabs, etc. Sure it's not common due to racism and cultural bias which was recently adopted, but they did mix with others. The mongol leader was fucking a nestorian woman, and she was even the daughter of a monk or priest or some shit. Did that mongol not make children with her as he was fucking that christian woman or "assyrian" woman? Fuck outta here with that shit. No wonder you changed you name again.


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